carolinecoleDo you want to harness more power in your life and reach your personal and professional goals yet feel you are being held back by invisible forces?

If so, you may want to explore the strange dynamics your history and ancestry have on your ability to move forward in life.

Caroline Cole is holding two family constellation workshops in 2018 for anyone who feels s/he may benefit from understanding more about the impact that family systems and ancestry have on one's life's path.

There are two ways to participate in the workshops; as an 'issue-bearer' working on a particular issue that is current and important to you, or as a 'representative' contributing to the issue-bearer's constellation.  Both give a powerful and in-depth view of the forces at work in one's life and the way in which subtle movements and statements of truth can unlock blockages and provide route maps for success.  There are no coincidences and whether you register as an issue-bearer or a representative – you are meant to be there.

What you get:

As an issue bearer you will have your issue explored in depth and constellated to find solutions that are right for you and help move you towards the goals you desire.
As a representative you will participate in the constellations of the issue bearers and experience the profound effects of the system on the personal situation of an individual.


  • Exercises involving the whole group will give everyone an experience to remember.
  • The impact and potency of the interventions will give you confidence to request a constellation for yourself.
  • You may identify with the issue bearer's difficulty and, while your solution will be different from her/his, it may throw light on your own dynamics by providing a new lens through which to look.
  • You will experience new and systemic ways of looking at problems.

Your personal investment and how to register:

Places for issue-bearers are limited to 4 per day and are £100.

Places for representatives are £60.

There are a maximum of 20 places in each workshop.

You can pay on the day with cash or cheque prior to the workshop commencement or you can make a bank transfer beforehand.

For further information and to register email: [email protected] or call Caroline on 07985 471580.

Dates (both dates for workshops are based in North London):

  • Saturday 29 September 2018 at the North London Group Therapy Centre, 9 Manor Gardens, London N7 6LA
  • Saturday 24 November 2018 at the North London Buddhist Centre, 72 Holloway Road, London N7 8JG

All workshops start promptly at 10am and finish equally promptly at 4pm.  Tea and coffee and light snacks are available from 9.45am.   There are plenty of places locally for lunch and the buddhist centre is a vegetarian location so please do not bring lunch that includes meat and fish into the venue.

Caroline has 25 years experience delivering therapeutic groups and workshops supporting personal growth and freedom.  She is known as a safe pair of hands, able to be present no matter what happens in the room, and she has a lightness of touch that encourages participants to reach beyond their comfort zone to acquire greater self-knowledge, release the pain of wounds and take ownership of their personal freedom.

So join us for what could be the most exciting and meaningful Saturday you will experience in 2018.