Constellation Workshop 23rd July 2015

carolinecoleJoin Caroline Cole for a Constellation Workshop on Saturday 23rd July 2016 From 10am to 4pm (arrival at 9.30)


Cunningham Room
St Nicholas Church Hall

What you get:

As an issue bearer you will have your issue explored in depth and constellated to find solutions that are right for you and help move you towards the goals you desire.
As a representative you will participate in the constellations of the issue bearers and experience the profound effects of the system on the personal situation of an individual.


  • Exercises for the whole group will give everyone an experience.
  • The impact and potency of the interventions will give you confidence to request a constellation for yourself.
  • You may identify with the issue-holder’s difficulty and, while your solution will be different from hers/his, it may throw light on your own dynamics by providing a new lens through which to look.
  • You will experience new and systemic ways of looking at problems.

How to register and cost:

Issue holders: £150. Only 3 guaranteed places. First come – First served.
Representatives: £75
You can pay on the day prior to the workshop commencement.
For further information and to register email: [email protected] or call Caroline on 07985 471580
Special discount: for people who have previously attended a workshop or talk – please call or email Caroline for details

Caroline has 25 years experience delivering therapeutic groups and workshops supporting personal growth and freedom. She is known as a safe pair of hands and has a lightness of touch that encourages participants to reach beyond their comfort zone to acquire greater self-knowledge, release the pain of wounds and take ownership of their personal freedom.