Everything matters! Everything’s connected!

Strategy is about setting a goal (the 'what') and identifying the means to get there (the 'how').

BUT: The most important part of strategy is the 'WHY'.


To achieve a successful outcome, staff at all levels need to understand and buy-into the direction of travel. This requires clarity, explanation, motivation, inspiration and all-encompassing consultation.

Present-Future excels in this. By focussing on the importance of purpose and always foregrounding the ‘why’, we provide a platform for inclusion and creativity at all levels.

What you get
Creative left- and right-brain thinking:
  • Keen attention and curiosity to ensure understanding of your needs
  • Refusal to be constrained by conventional thinking and rote problem-solving
  • A wide and inclusive lens through which any situation can be viewed
  • Ambitious and achievable outcomes
Expertise gleaned from experience and from access to a wide community of executive strategists:
  • Proven success developing business models that produce the most felicitous outcomes
  • Astuteness and agility at choosing partners, conducting due diligence, and negotiating partnership arrangements that serve all parties
  • Outstanding success in tendering for and winning business
  • Expertise implementing new business models and newly won contracts
Clear analyses and recommendations:
  • In-depth analyses using a variety of tailored strategic tools from a wide toolbox
  • Collaborative and consultative conversations to identify whether the practical application of defined strategy is workable and to adjust where necessary
  • Flexibility in designing strategic plans to accommodate continuous improvement and sustainability.
  • Clear plans for culture change and on-boarding of all directors and employees
How it helps
Supports integrated governance and synergy between business units and partners:
  • Clear processes and inclusive communication ensures coherence, comprehensive buy-in and efficiency
Reveals opportunities for development and expansion:
  • Strategic analyses and curiosity intently deployed to understand your direction of travel identifies the most appropriate means to achieve your ambitions
Formulates short- medium- and long-term plans for success:
  • A focus on flexibility and sustainability provides solutions that address immediate needs and future opportunities
Provides clear direction:
  • Attention to clarity of vision and inclusive communication ensures coherence
  • Recommendations outline clear processes and means of achieving aims
Experience and specialist areas

  • Strategic analysis and planning
  • Business and service model design
  • Bid-writing … and winning!
  • Partnership and commissioner negotiations
  • Complex contract and project implementation
  • Business development
  • Change management
  • Efficiency savings
  • Governance expertise
  • Specialism in Health and Social Care and Criminal Justice
  • CQC and CSSIW competence
  • Quality improvement
  • Research and development
  • Conference presentations
Current work includes
  • Supporting a new charity to develop a strategic plan and prioritise actions
  • Teaching strategy and management to students at Oxford University colleges
  • Delivering lectures and seminars in Leadership and Management as associate lecturer at Oxford Brookes University

Voluntary work: As Chair of the Board of Trustees, and Chair of the Governance Committee for Broadway Lodge, a treatment centre for addiction, Caroline leads the strategic direction and overarching planning in line with the mission and vision, and ensures compliance with all CQC and CSSIW requirements for delivering a high quality service.

  • 2006: Ministry of Justice Award for 'the Best CARAT team in the UK'.
  • 2014: The Journal of Criminal Psychology editorial team award for the 'Outstanding Paper of 2014'.
  • 2013: University of Oxford, Said Business School, Department of Executive Education: Diploma in Strategy and Innovation.
  • Publications
    • Disbury, K. L., Kopak, A. M., Dean, L. V., Moyes, H. C. A., Breedvelt, J. J. F., Thibaut, B. I., Cole, C., Heath, J. J. (Forthcoming September 2016) ‘Pre to post differences in measures of risk of relapse and reoffending for completers of RAPt’s 6-week programmes.’ Journal of Offender Rehabilitation.
    • Breedvelt, J. J. F., Dean, L. V., Jones, G. Y., Cole, C., & Moyes, H. C. A. (2014) ‘Predicting recidivism for offenders in UK substance dependence treatment; Do mental Health symptoms matter?’ Journal of Criminal Psychology, 4(2), 102-115.
    • Cole, C. (2012) ‘Substance Abuse’ (ed.) Greenfields, M., Dalrymple, R., Fanning, A. Working with Adults at Risk from Harm, 131-156.
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    Caroline's strategic competence is impressive. Her analytical skills alongside her vision makes her a fantastic and creative solution maker. Her capacity to develop and implement ideas is invaluable, her support has helped to put our organisation at the forefront of the substance misuse field.

    Cristina Fernandez Head of Recovery Support at RAPt 5th October 2015