Everyone belongs! Everyone matters!

Education changes people and organisations, providing personal growth, organisational competence and expansive capabilities.

Education in an organisation is critical to develop and sustain a culture, and to ensure everyone, from the top down (or bottom up) is fully equipped to bring the best of what s/he can offer to the organisation’s mission, vision and strategic direction.

Present-future can help in both academic and organisational environments. With a wealth of experience and expertise in higher education, and many years training managers and staff in organisations, the educational and training interventions are rigorously designed to conform to your aims and objectives, excite and enthuse participants, and produce exemplary results; preparing students to shine in examinations, and executives and staff to perform to the highest standards.

What you get

Integrated curriculum design with clear aims and objectives:

  • Modular accumulative learning programmes
  • Discrete one-off sessions on specialist topics
  • Embedded learning checks throughout the session and/or courses
  • Ambitious and achievable learning outcomes for all participants

Inspirational, interactive and dynamic learning facilitation catering to all learning styles:

  • Previous learning experiences and achievement levels considered and accommodated
  • Discreet attention to learning difficulties ensures all learners are included
  • Multi-media approach to stimulate engagement
  • Different learning styles and preferences catered for with a variety of learning activities
  • Encouragement for students to develop meta-cognition of their own learning processes and preferences in order to maximise their learning capabilities.

Follow-up sessions to ensure learning is embedded, synthesised and used:

  • Formative and summative assessment foregrounded and individual development applauded
  • Workplace evaluation of the impact of learning and its application
  • Continuous assessment of the relevance of the educational/training interventions

How it helps

Achieves personal goals and ambitions:

  • Individual participants improve personal and professional knowledge, skills and performance
  • Organisations with exceptional staff deliver high quality services/goods

Motivates and invigorates personnel at all levels throughout the organisation:

  • Happy, excited and efficient staff work hard and contribute creatively to development
  • Team-work is strengthened and flexibility within and between teams provides effective contingency

Develops all learners’ creative thinking and contribution to the organisation:

  • Individuals’ personal and professional development encourages buy-in to the overarching organisational agenda
  • Ideas and enthusiasm are generated at all levels providing a broad knowledge base that can be harvested for continuous improvement

Fosters success in line with the vision and mission:

  • Staff understand the ‘why’ of what they are doing
  • Commitment and enthusiasm for the vision and mission is strengthened
Experience and specialist areas

  • 10 years freelance associate lecturing at University of Oxford
    • Medieval English language and literature
    • History, Use and Theory of the English language
  • Freelance university lecturing in Strategy and Leadership
    • Particular expertise in teaching "Leadership by Stealth"
  • Extensive experience training staff in Health and Social Care and therapeutic interventions
  • 10 years facilitating dynamic experiential personal growth workshops designed to bring wounds to light and begin the process of healing
Current work includes

  • Annual Summer School at St. Peter's College, Oxford
    • Medieval English literature
    • Strategy and Implementation
  • Associate lectureship at Oxford Brookes University
    • Management and Leadership
  • University of Oxford, various colleges
    • Strategy and Management
    • English language and literature

Voluntary work:

  • Mentoring MBA students at University of Oxford, Said Business School


  • 2003: University of Oxford, Institute for the Advancement of University Learning: Diploma in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education.
  • 2002: Oxford College of Further Education: Certificate in Post-Compulsory Education.


  • Cole, C. (2003) ‘The Integrity of Text and Context in the Prayers of British Library Cotton MS Nero AXlV’ in Neuphilologische Mitteilungen Vol 104, pp. 85-94.
  • Cole, C. (September 2000) ‘The Miller vs the Knight in the Canterbury Tales’ in The English Review.


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I’ve enjoyed your course so much and I’m definitely thankful that I was able to be a part of it. More importantly, I had fun!

Alexander Miller, University of Michigan, USA St Peter’s College, Oxford, Summer School 5th October 2015