Present-Future Consulting helps organisations shine and succeed

Offering strategic and systemic solutions to the most difficult and/or entrenched
problems, as well as educational support to develop competence at all levels.

Present-Future: bringing your business into the future

Leading into abundance

Inspiring leading succeeding

We understand what it takes to inspire and succeed

Core Values

Honesty • Integrity • Curiosity • Respect • Fairness • Sustainability • Confidentiality



What our clients have to say about us

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What I most appreciate about Caroline is her non sentimental and down to earth approach to Family Constellations, instead she offers real, practical help in investigating your heritage and how it operates in your life now.  Caroline does not offer false consolation in words or actions, she offers truth in the belief that truth can free us.

Liz O’Shea Constellation Participant 25th July 2016

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